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Ways to write Super Catchy Headlines



Head 2The headline is the first impression of the writings. The writings may be a blog entry, or press release, or news teller feature. Excellent headlines enlighten the content in a magnetic way. Generally, 6 or 7 words are used in making catchy headlines.

A good headline drags the readers into the content to discover more. But a bad headline creates a repulsive mood in the readers. It loses the readers instantly.

It is too hard to write great headlines. If you are a professional copywriter, then it is a different question. Or else, it can be hard to create such a headline that exactly expresses the subject matter of the writing, at the same time.

According to expert writers, headlines are, probably, the most difficult part of the writing. And for this particular reason, the newspapers sign up the writers who are efficient to create catchy headlines only. The following techniques can be applied to write super catchy headlines.

Write in Active Voice and in the Present Tense

Headlines should be written in active voice and in the present tense. Because the headlines written in the past tense are less captivating. Active voice makes the headline lively and catches the attention of the readers. Use an effective verb and the exact noun to make a headline. The headline must be simple and express a clear idea about the subject matter of the writing.

Use numbers in the headline

Using numbers in the headlines work well. So, most the copywriters use them in the headline. But, there is no specific rule about which numbers work best. In fact, people can remember only 3 to 5 numbers. Sometimes, an obscure number such as 37 or 19 can catch people’s attention.

Use interesting adjectives

Adjectives can be used for making an eye-catching headline. Here is a list of some adjectives.

  • Absolute
  • Incredible
  • Strong
  • Painstaking
  • Effortless
  • Essential

Tell the entire Story in the Headline

Well, don’t take the word ‘entire story’ as literary. It means that the headline should give the readers just an idea about what they are going to find in the writing.

Ask questions

Catch the curiosity of the readers. So, try to ask a question in the headline. The trigger words for instance, how, why, what, and when are very much effective for drawing the interest of the readers. The controversial or gossip-type headline also fulfills this purpose successfully.

headline 1

Use commanding words in the headline

Commanding words attracts the reader’s attention very much. This traditional newspaper type headline works well to attract the readers. For example, Make more money, Improve your relationship etc. are such commanding headlines.

Try this formula

You can try a simple formula for headline Number or Trigger word + qualitative words + focused word + pledge

People never want to read something boring rather they desire for exciting words for real life incident.  So, take time to think about which headline will catch people’s attention, and ensure that it exposes the content of the writing in an attractive or smart way.