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Articles on Web Technology

Ways to Make Documentation For WordPress Themes

WordPress is now the most popular CMS in the world. According to a survey, in May, 2013, about 52% of the top blogs across the globe use WordPress. So, it is evident that WordPress gets popularity day by day. The WordPress themes are certainly too much popular. The custom themes provide versatile service to the client. You can use the theme for blogging in a fantastic way which will shine your skill as well as personality. In fact, run-of-the-mill theme has been already used by 500 hundred other blogs.


A few things which are necessary to implement WordPress theme

If you wish for making great theme, then you should have good working knowledge of CSS and HTML. It is very much necessary to have the skill of coding CSS3 and HTML5. Now, in a competitive market, WordPress has to support both of these up to date standards.

You should be careful about the compatibility of the theme with the most cutting edge version and legacy versions of WordPress.

If you consider WordPress, then it is really attractive as well as strict. Before starting on coding side of things, you must judge popular plugins, licensing, and also WordPress APIs. In addition, doing homework is must to provide best support to the theme.  And so, you have to do:

  • Create updates and patches
  • Respond to customer queries and issues with their installation
  • Maintain the theme and continue development
  • Include code comments, which are vital to creating a theme

Before getting started, you should carefully notice at the documentation of the WordPress site and get knowledge about it.

Ways to write documentation

In order to develop WordPress themes to attract new buyers, you have to ensure them that your premium offerings are very much helpful to make the abusers’ lives easier. It begins, of course, with clean, bug-free code and high-quality design skills. However, there is another part that plays a significant role to help you win the faith of your clients and customers. Yes, that is the theme documentation.

This article will help you to write good documentation for your themes.

‘Documentation’ has been just like a large umbrella. A lot of things such as knowledge base articles, FAQs, tutorials, infographics, eBooks, screencasts/podcasts, video guides, API references, manuals, glossary, troubleshooting guides, readme files, even in-context menus and tooltips. So, when you make a document on a WordPress theme, then how you do decide which the best one to use for.

The easiest way is to go after market trends. You can follow the most popular forms of documentation which is the best WordPress theme seller can or should offer, along with tips and tricks using which you can get the most out of them.

The documentation should consist of some common things about your themes. For instance, FAQ. It contains details about the company, refund and discount policy, Bug fixes, theme capability, plus support terms and conditions and other relevant details that do not vary from one theme to another.