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Articles on Web Technology

Significance of Website Navigation

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Your business gets reflected through the website. So, the design of this online mirror needs proper care. Following basic professionalism with some specific standards is necessary for generating a website. But, this is not enough for your successful business. Website Navigation is one of the important components. It must be easy and user-friendly. It needs to give your visitors a great experience to convert them into your clients.

The necessity of Website Navigation

An easily navigated website gives your visitors extended pleasure. The easy navigation component of a website is more effective to deliver the information that it wishes to give to its users. Poor navigability of your website makes your visitors frustrated to find out their way around. They will hardly have any desire to get back to your site. Here is the necessity for the successful implementation of navigation.

Implementation of navigation

The successful implementation of navigation is not a very complex task, rather it is quite easy. Navigation is broadly divided into two types: one is Breadcrumb Navigation and the other is Contextual Navigation. The Breadcrumb Navigation allows the visitors to follow their locations within the order of arrangement of the website. This navigation is usually placed horizontally at the top of the page below the header. It includes the links to go to the previous pages, to come back to the present page where they are present. The Breadcrumb Navigation normally leaves a track to drag the users to the previously visited page without clicking the “back” button again and again. Breadcrumb navigation looks like this:

Homepage>Interior Page>Subsection of Interior Page    

Contextual Navigation enables the users to search through vast volumes of information promptly by providing real-time dynamic navigational sub-topics related to their keywords. The sub-topics are derived by using a patented FunnelBack technology that studies the search terms and the information being searched. For the analyses no manually built algorithmic, taxonomy or configuration is necessary.

Significance of Site Maps with Navigation

Sitemaps also solidify website design with navigation maps. It is a very valuable resource. It can identify the constraints on a user’s navigation and define the data that will be available for the users. The effective design of a website can provide the functionality necessary to complete each activity in a very short and concise way.

The design of the website should be attractive and help the visitors to get their information easily. Easy search of the information will make the users confident to visit your site frequently. The information given on the website must be simple, relevant, and effective. A simple navigation structure is essential to increase the number of visitors to your site. The quality navigation only can ensure higher accessibility and the easiest usability on the part of your web visitors.