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How to make your website rank top on Google

Thousands are competing to achieve the first page rank on Google for their website. So, it is not too easy to grab the top rank on the first page of Google’s search listings. So, it is important that you spend your time and wealth to push your website to rank at the top of Google’s listing.
But the page rank or popularity depends on different factors, including the number of high-quality links you have and which phrases and keywords are connected with those links.

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Here are some suggestions which can help you to get the top rank on Google.
• List up your website with the DMOZ or open directory. It is the fastest way to get your site listed with Google. In addition, your website must have useful and unique content to be enlisted. You can get the links from another website that is already in Google if you fill-up the Google’s Add URL form.
• Create meaningful titles for your pages and posts. The title must contain meaningful keywords and should focus on the subject of the page.
• Give link your site with the other sites which have already achieved a high rank on Google. But you should be careful that the links have relevant keywords which are pointing to your site.

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• Go for the sites to place your link or link exchange. Your website will achieve a higher page rank if a large number of links are exchanged with your website. It will boost your rank but the quality of content is vital for the reliability of this procedure.
Use keywords that are relevant to the topic. In addition, use the most common keywords that Google users are prone to search for. Just spread the keywords in your articles in the right density but don’t place them at random. Otherwise, Google may reject or spam it as keyword stuffing. It can make a barrier to getting your site on the top of Google.
• Make your web page in such a way that Google index crawler can get you. Make sure that the page names contain readable words. Put a hyphen if the page name contains more than two words. You can use another type of naming system and numbers which will help Google to find your site.

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Whether you have a business website in a particular location, and then create a Google business account. Go to the Google page “Local Business Centre.”

• Add regularly original, high-quality content to the website. If your site contains more unique content, Google will offer more preference in search engine rankings.

Create your website keeping in mind the suggestions that will take your site to the top of Google to get a large number of traffic.