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Bug tracking system for IT Projects


bug tracking imageThe bug tracking system is one of the essential things of every IT project. It is very important for the Software Development Project. Here are a few open-source bug systems to track the work and the problems of the system, network, and database.

Here are a few Open Source Bug Tracking systems. If you are software personnel, choose one out of the list, though the list is not exhaustive.  But you can pick one from the list as these are highly recommended. If you are a busy person, just go for the list.

Bugzilla: Bug Tracking System
This is a web-based bug tracker and a testing tool for general purposes. It is a stable and dynamically maintained bug system that is widely accepted by the Open Source Projects. It works on various databases like Oracle and MySQL. Follow the steps to install Bugzilla and get started.

Mantis Bug:  Tracking System
Mantis Bug tracking system provides a subtle balance between power and simplicity. This bug tracker can be started within a minute for the project management at the same time work in partnership with their teammates and clients effectively. Once the Mantis is picked up by you, it is guaranteed that you will never return. It is written in PHP and can be operated on a range of databases such as MySQL PostgreSQL. MS SQL.

Redmine: Bug Tracking System
Redmine, in Ruby on Rails, offers tracking issues, as well as provides full project features of management for multiple projects. With flexible role-based access control, it can manage subproject support.

Trac: Bug Tracking System 
Written in Python, Trac is an issue tracking and offers wiki and incorporation to subversion. The web interface is very basic and simple to use. This also provides project features of management as well as milestone tracking and roadmap

Request: Bug Tracking System
Written in RT Perl, this is normal management of the issue. It can be used as a ticket tracking system.  It is integrated with LDAP authentication.

Fossil: Bug Tracking System
Written in C language Fossil makes use of SQLite database. Besides tracking of bugs, it affords Wiki. Installation of the system is much simple for its sole workable which contains the whole thing one requires to get fossil up and running.

WebIssues: Bug Tracking System

Written in PHP, this tracking system makes use of MySQL Database in respect of the server. This one is not a web-based system and so doesn’t offer a web-based interface. You need to link with those clients of this system that are supported by Linux or Windows in order to have an access to the component of the server.

If you are a quality programmer you must keep track of the issues. This issue tracking is technically called “bug tracking.” The tracking is designed for preventing the bugs that can exist in the code.   Not only that the bugs in designs or other specifications are also addressed. Issue tracking supports the team and the customers as well.