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Articles on Web Technology

An information security terminology for a layman


The security industry is full of difficult terminology and catchwords. Here is the list of the terms that you should know in details.


It is a program that protects your devices like, mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. It identifies the virus and then remove the harmful software on the devices. The anti-virus software may not be able to identify all the malicious software, but if kept frequently updated, it picks-up the most.


It is an effort to get an illegal access to someone’s system or denied access to the authorized person.


It is a process of verifying your identity with the system by entering a username and password.


It is a disclosure of the protected data to any of the authorized person. So, an attacker gains access to the confidential records of the company.


If anything is encrypted, it is changed into a code to hide it from being read. So it cannot be deciphered till it is decrypted. There are various types of encryption, used for different intentions, depending on the demand of security.


It is a security program. It is an equipment that filters out all the outgoing or incoming data to the device. Like a bouncer in a nightclub, firewall decides going in and going out of the data. The primary job of a firewall is to stop the attackers from being able to send damaging demands to the system.


It is the combination of a few devices connected jointly for data exchange amongst themselves.


Malware denotes harmful software. Simply put in, it is software which has the negative purpose unbeknown to the person who install it.


It is a revision to the software released that resolves one or more susceptibility to stop the definite exploits from working.


Spam is any redundant or unwanted email. It suggests pointless,stupid, irritating messages.


It is a software designed to collect secretly the sensitive or classified information. It engages in spying on a victim transmit data to an attacker using the computer network unbeknown to the victims.

There are lots of other internet security terminology that every internet explorer should know.