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8 Great ways to cut eCommerce Store Bounce Rate

image_techpenta_blogHigh percentage of bounce rate must have worried you. If you are already anxious about the bounce rate, you are lucky enough that you will now get a few tips to cut the bounce rate. Let’s start here:

What exactly is the bounce rate, let’s be clear at the beginning

Bounce rates mean the visitors who visit your site but make no further exploration. At the that they leave your site bring for you no benefit at all. There could be several reasons behind this.

Your eCommerce store did not provide the visitors with the information or product they were looking for. The reasons might be that: 1) your page takes too long time to open, or 2) your page contains lots of pop-ups.
This list can be quite lengthy. But the bounce rate might be good or bad.

The list can go on. But, there is a difference between good bounce rate and bad bounce rate. You might be wondering what that means. Let’s find out.

According to thumb rule good or bad bounce rate depends on the percentage of bounce rate. Here is the list:

  • Between 20-40% bounce rates: excellent
  • Between 40-40% Bounce rates: average.
  • Between 55% -70% bounce rates: more than average.
  • More than 70% bounce rate: distressingly bad.

That the visitors leave your place is quite natural. But when it is too high, it is quite alarming. ECommerce stores depend on the rate of conversion of visitors into buyers. The maximum amount of bounce rate takes place on the product page which guides the visitors either to stay or leave.

Now the question is how to find the most effective ways to deal with the problem of bounce rates. Check in here:

1. Improved content

Assess the content of the pages, particularly the product page where the visitors want to get clear and better description of the products. When they are left unanswered to their queries, they leave the page. In order to reduce it, content improvement with latest reviews will be helpful.

2. Make loading time faster

The problem loading time is another important factor that leads to bounce rate. The visitors normally stay 2 seconds. If your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, they will surely skip and you will lose the potential buyers. Overcome this problem slow loading before it affects the sale.

3. Engage your audience:

The visuals like Videos and Picture draw a huge number of audience. The high quality pictures in the background act as a call to action and videos showing the manner of using the product is effective.

4. Keep navigation experience simple and direct

The navigation experience should always be direct and simple to provide the visitors what they want. The complex system of navigation confuses the visitors, and makes them repulsive to the eCommerce stores.

Finally, it is very important to get an immediate response from the visitors. It is the honest and compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) that makes the visitors inquisitive to know about your product.

These simple ways will definitely cut the bounce rate of your visitors.