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Articles on Web Technology

7 Web Mistakes that Website Owners Often Ignore

image_techpenta_blogHaving a website is very essential for marketing your business today and the website should have the qualities to trigger the potential customers to visit the website. You have to watch regularly your website to get potential feedback. If you observe that your website is falling short and you are missing customers’ comments or feedback on the review page of your website, then you may assure that your website is missing some crucial issues which require quick recovery. Here is a helpful list of 7 web mistakes which should be corrected immediately to achieve great success in your business.

  1. About us page

This page has very much significance for any customer. Design this page with essential info of the owner of the site. In addition, provide essential info about you and your product or services in a cozy & clear manner so that the customers may depend on you.


  1. Resolution Friendly Approach

Now, the customers use different devices to access your website. And mobile phones, tabs are very common devices used by the people in the present day.  So, turn your website into mobile compatible approach to allow the users to use it wherever and whenever.

  1. Top Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of any website. Hold on the top SEO rank always to drag more visitors. And so, follow the Google’s SEO rules and algorithms strictly and be updated also. Otherwise, you may lose numbers of customers.

  1. Informative Blog post

Content is the king. So, never underrate blog page. Regular blog posting keep the search engine alert about your regular presence on the web.  It is very much healthy for the SEO of your website also. Blogs on different useful topics are another way to make regular visitors to your site.

  1. FAQ page

Include FAQ page and make it helpful for the visitors with the relevant questions and answers which the customers may ask. It is one of the best ways to attain good numbers of customers to your site.

  1. Incorporate Customers’ testimonials

Customers’ testimonials are one of the points of 7 vital things which are beneficial for promoting your business. So, display your customer reviews or comments on the testimonial page.  You may incorporate video testimonials to highlight your customers’ experiences in an interactive way. These experiences are very much beneficial for promoting your site.

  1. Appropriate Call to Action

Probably it is the most important part among the 7 vital things on your website.  In this page set up button and suggest your visitors to take a prompt action using the phrases, “call now”, “find more”, “click now”, “ get more and click here”. Through these options you can entice your visitors to take instant response.


  1. Social media incorporation

Social media is the biggest platform to reach more and more people and it is another important issue among the 7 vital things for a commercial website. So, keep options to share your products, services, and blogs with numbers of leading social media. Through it, the link on your website will reach to a lot of people, which is very much necessary to flourish your business.

Keep in mind on the above 7 web mistakes in creating and maintain your website so that it may play a significant role to promote your business at the top level.