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5 Top WordPress Plugins for Boosting the Visitors

image_techpenta_blogEvery web site owner wish to increase the rate visitors and the rate conversion. A few WordPress plugins will certainly help to optimize traffic to your website that would help to grow business. A few plugins will surely benefit you to grow your business. Read this post to know how the plugins work to support your business. There are lots of plugins that are absolutely free. At the start, try them and see the benefits:


PB SEO Friendly Images

It is a small size plug-in that enhances traffic from search engines. This plugins, updates the images on the website automatically, with proper alt and title. It contributes very effectively to SEO as the image booster is a very important part, especially when the visitors search for the images.

Contact Form

The using of add to contact form to website the contact form plug-in is used for this. You must select the best one which is flexible and simple to use. This is one of the Must Have WordPress Plugins that you must add to your websites.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Though SEO is under continuous modification, there are some basic principles are valuable for ranking in Google.
Three things that are necessary for good ranking are:

  • Regular content generation
  • The optimization of content with WordPress SEO plug-ins like Yoast. After creating a site map send it to google.
  • Yoast is the unique plug-in for SEO for creating quality audience. It is very simple to optimize Content, Page Title, Meta description, and Keywords.

Getting too many visitors to your websites is really a game changer that will minimize the bounce rate.


It is the hardest and earnest endeavor for the site owners to get maximum number of visitors. This plug-in ascertained your visitors would subscribe to the email list and will come back. It discovers the exact moments, if the visitors wish to leave or pops up box for the visitors for the email address. This might be the turning point of the business. It minimizes bounce rate of the site and capture the visitors to stay on site for an extended period of time.

Google XML site map

This plugin significantly improves SEO to make a unique XML Sitemaps which helps various search engines such as Google, Yahoo Bing for better indexing your site.

Lots more plugins are there to boost your site. Think and decide in respect of your visitors of the site and also to boost your rank different search engines.