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Articles on Web Technology

Why to choose Responsive Web Design

image_techpenta_blogThe days are no more when computers are used only for surfing the internet. The technology is evolving continuously and it has endowed us with a lot of devices. It has allowed us to surf the internet more easily and efficiently too. Responsive website design is now the catchword for the web developers because they need to design the web pages that can be  accessed from any platform like PC, Tab, Mobile  etc. So, this kind of web designing is now the present-day,  which is being followed by the web designers across the world.

The responsive web design is essentially reformatting or in simple words,  converting a website into such a format that it can be accessed from the different devices like – smartphone, tablets, desktop, laptop,  etc.

With the great number of the population depending  greatly on the devices in addition to the desktops or laptops to the internet search, it is now a kind of a command for the web designers to choose the mode of responsive web designing for regulating the incoming traffic to the websites.

What benefits of SEO are there, when it comes to the question of online marketing. Know the reasons why the responsive web design helps to increase the SERP.

Utilizability: The search engines like Google send the researchers the useful and relevant  websites for their search term. If the site is not mobile friendly, the visitors will go back to Google in search of responsive websites. This will lead to increase the bounce rate.

Content plagiarism: With a mobile, responsive website leaves you comfortable with the feeling that Panda wouldn’t hit it for the same content in both desktop, mobile or other version  like tab.

Mobile Search Ranking: Following the new mobile ranking strategy designed by Google, it offers special preferences to the sites,  the are well-matched with all the devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Link Building: With mobile compatible design, the users link to the main site by linking to  the mobile version of the website as well. A mobile version website helps out the visitors to set up a link to the main web pages by just clicking the link. It provides an excellent users experience for any visitor.

Local Search: The experts believe  that local search is an essential for mobile searches. Though, all the searches don’t go for online shopping, Google’s new study shows that local searches lead to 50% of mobile users to visit the online stores.

Bounce Rate: Your site may suffer higher bounce rate, if it is not mobile-friendly. The greater the bounce rate, the more are the possibilities for your website to get the effect of negative ranking.

Have you already changed over to a responsive web design? If not, think again to do it now.