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Articles on Web Technology

4 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

image_techpenta_blogAs statistic said that the visitors hardly wait more than 2 seconds for any website to load. So the time too short to wait.  There are lots of speed checker tools that will make sure about the load time. But, why the website speed is so important? What would happen if the fraction of a second adds to it. The answer is,  it brings a huge difference. The effects are disastrous. Let alone the bitter experience of the users, there would be a great fall in search engine rankings. And this will affect the sales and the conversion rate immensely.

  1. Web site speed is the first impression that presents your site as acceptable to the users. Your fast loading web site carries a strong impression and it offers the visitors a quick-win experience. Moreover, we regard this site as professional as well as reliable. The slow website makes us convince that it’s insecure, unsafe and not trustworthy. The online shoppers hardly find any urge to go back to those sites.


  1. The speed is the first expectation whenever any web site is visited. When on the move, the visitors, are likely to be less tolerant when open a site. We want fast answers after clicking the link. In case of popular sites, the visitors are found to compromise with the speed a little bit. But, they never go more than 2 seconds when it is a new site or yet to gain the popularity. So the web owners must be as fast as possible from the start.


  1. The UX design site creates a fantastic experience on the users’ experiences. There are two basic factors that involve the positive user experience:


  • Provide the visitors what they are expecting
  • Provide their expected things as fast as possible


So,  the website loading  speed is the main concern if it comes to the user experience. Give your visitors what they want as fast as possible, never make them wait.

  1. As long as visitors are mystified or irritated, success can never knock at your door. It is the indication that you have done something wrong. For an internet explorer, nothing is so frustrated like a website. The more is the loading time, the more it kills the conversion rate.


If your site is slower than two seconds, Google will reduce the amount of sending of  crawlers. So mind the speed always.